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Upgrade performance of existing cables to unprecedented levels

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cables and wires fire protection from favuseal

Favuseal Wrap-On Family.

For power, instrumentation and fiber cables

Favuseal Wrap-On is a flexible tape system for easy installation onto one singel cable or a bundle of cables. No electricity, solvents or chemicals are needed, and the product is very flexible. Favuseal Wrap-On is compliant with ISO-22899-1 and can withstand High Heat Flux jet fires and any hydrocarbon fire situations. The high thermal conductivity in the virgin state also removes any noticeable ampacity changes for power cables, removing the need for de-rating.

stocke hcf wrap on fire protection

Favuseal Wrap-On product family

  • Product delivered in either 1mm or 2mm thickness
  • Product delivered in either 50mm or 500mm width
FWO-500-2 or FWO-500-1
FWO-JOINT-50-2 or FWO-JOINT-50-1
stocke jf wrap on fire protection

STOCKE-range of textiles

  • Developed to be used  in conjunction with Favuseal Wrap-On
  • Successfully tested in both an ISO-22899-1 jet fire scenario according to NEK-TS-606:2016 and a High Heat Flux jet fire scenario

Advanced Features.

Enabling Differentiating Safeguarding Capabilities
Superior thermal conductivity in its virgin state
Good thermal insulation above 200ºc
Swells to approx. twice its original volume when exposed to heat
Good mechanical stability in all states
Maintains integrity and functionality of cables in a fire situation
Halogen-free and no isocyanates, no boric acid, no dangerous fibers
No corrosive gases are produced during reaction with fire
Minimal smoke emission and extremely durable
Favuseal Wrap-On.
The Preventor of Cable Fire Hazards.