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Drain Plug.

Ultra-slim Holistic Protection for Pipework and Fireboxes

Deloitte Technology
Fast 50 Company
favuseal drain plug fire protecion

Innovative Drain Plug Design.

Protectors of Piping Systems & Fireboxes

The Favuseal Drain Plug has been successfully tested to fulfil the most stringent NORSOK requirements and is made of 100% molded AISI 316 stainless steel, with no welding! As a result, the Favuseal fire-tested Drain Plug helps eliminate corrosion under insulation (CUI) of steel pipes, flanges, valves, and other essential equipment that can occur when water or moisture enters insulation systems. In addition, the Favuseal fire-tested Drain Plug reduces the build-up of the corrosive medium inside any insulating system due to its self-drainage properties.

drain plug fire protection from favuseal

Advanced Features.

Helps You Drain The Fire Hazards


Specially designed for the use on both pipework with metal cladding and in fireboxes


No adjustment to the drain plug is required concerning insulation thickness


One single drain plug can be used for all possible insulation thicknesses and various fire scenarios


Can be easily installed with pop rivets. Not nut or washer is required.


Drains moisture from any insulation system installed on a pipework design


Compliant & compatible with NORSOK certified installations worldwide

Leverage the Protection of Total Integrity Design Encapsulated in Drain Plug!