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Favuseal Firebox.

The world´s thinnest firebox tested for any offshore fire scenario

Deloitte Technology
Fast 50 Company
powered firebox from favuseal showing fire protection box on a pipe junction and fire blowing

The Favuseal Powered Firebox is based on the Favuseal technology and is an ultra-slim and snug-fit solution that provides maximum fire safety for pipe design components such as flanges, valves, fittings, actuators, ESDVs, and other equipment.

200 kW/m2
Pool fire scenario
250 kW/m2
Jet fire scenario
350 kW/m2
HHF jet fire scenario
firebox fire protection from favuseal

Favuseal Firebox Protection.

The cornerstone of the Total Design Integrity concept

The Favuseal Powered Firebox has been successfully tested to pass the highest NORSOK requirements. The Firebox is 100% compliant with NORSOK utilizing Favuseal, a Polymer-Based Fire Protection (PBFP) technology, and an aerogel mat. In addition, a drain plug and an optional inspection hatch can be installed to the Favuseal Powered Firebox to allow any fluid to be drained away.

firebox fire protection from favuseal


firebox fire protection from favuseal dual fireboxes

FAVUSEAL FIREBOX compared to EPOXY FIREBOX (After Fire Exposure)

firebox fire protection from favuseal showing the detail of how it works

Favuseal SHEET

Favuseal SHEET is a Favuseal NKX-6174 technology-based product mounted inside on the walls of the sheet steel metal box. It's a thermoplastic material of inorganic fillers and an ethylene copolymer binder. The product will always remain flexible consequently taking up blast loads thru the lifetime of the asset.

favuseal sheet protection

Advanced Features.

Leveraging Innovative Favuseal Technology

Tested to work without degraded fire properties to minus 190°C
Guaranteed service period of 15 years offshore
When exposed to fire, it is non-toxic and produces very little visible smoke
Maintains line of sight for humans in case of evacuation
Tailor-made for various requirements of fire loads, explosion forces, duration of scenario, continuous operation temperature, mass-to-surface ratio, and weight of the object to be protected
ultra-thin and allows for slim-building fireboxes without the risk of exaggerated expansion as is the case with competing technologies: Insulation from 11 mm — 21 mm covering all fire scenarios without expansion outwards!
Can be used" as is" for temperatures up to 150°C without the need for added thermal protection on object protected
Maintenance-free surface and uses hydrophobic materials. Can be easily modified on-site via the use of standard toolings and proper certified guidance
Leverage the Ultra-slim Fire Protection Solution Boxed with Innovation & Technology.
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