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OF Steel.

The World's Thinnest Passive Fire Protection Technology for Maximum Protection

Deloitte Technology
Fast 50 Company
fireproof steel thin fire protection

Favuseal Wrap-On.

Fire and thermal Protection for
Steel Pipework

Favuseal has developed a specific product line for steel pipework designs. The product portfolio can cater for any class, but is especially beneficial for fire and/or thermal protection of steel pipework and valves/flanges and ESDV´s. Each product comes in various thicknesses to accommodate different fire loads and durations. Once deployed, the solution has a low Total Ownership Cost (TCO) and requires very little maintenance.

Favuseal SHEET

Favuseal SHEET is a Favuseal NKX-6174 technology-based product and your ultimate fire security guard. It's a thermoplastic material made up of inorganic fillers and an ethylene copolymer binder. It can also be installed inside objects like fireboxes with metal cladding to provide extreme fire protection.

favuseal sheet protection

Tested to work without degraded fire properties to -190ºc


Guaranteed service period of minimum 15 years offshore


When exposed to fire, it is non-toxic and produces very little visible smoke


Maintains line of sight for humans in case of evacuation due to low/no smoke

Build For Steel, Build For Strength & Safety.