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Favuseal of Norway has developed a breakthrough, non-toxic, flexible polymer-based technology that can withstand extreme temperatures, without loss of crucial fire protection properties. The technology is aimed at securing against the fiercest hydrocarbon fires, jet fires, and even high heat flux jet fires.   

Last year, this ground-breaking technology was transformed into a product that became available to the market...

The Favuseal X3M system, being only 25mm thick, is the first system to include both extreme fire protection and thermal protection in one neat solution.

Favuseal has analysed the world’s most violent fires through time and developed solutions to protect cables, steel and plastic pipes (GRE/GRP).

The purpose of the fire test must be to test the integrity of a plastic pipe when exposed to fire in respectively 30 and 60 minutes. Favuseal has conducted a series of fire tests at SWRI, USA and SINTEF/SP in Norway.

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