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Why Favuseal?

Synergy of Technology, Innovation & Values

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Favuseal &
Favuseal X3M System

Technology That Differentiates

Favuseal Wrap-On and X3M mats provide the thinnest fire and thermal protection available on the market, adapting to various combination classes. Favuseal Wrap-On products utilize the Favuseal NKX-6174 technology.

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Favuseal Wrap-On

It is a Favuseal NKX-6174 solution extruded into a thin, flexible tape or sheet capable of being onto any object to provide unprecedented fire protection.

x3m mat fire protection

The X3M Mat

A thin, flexible super-insulating mat with extreme thermal properties and very low thermal conductivity.

Differentiating Benefits.


No expansion outwards in case of a fire. There is no need to engineer in free space for expansion. If it fits, it will work as per design.


No reduced explosion properties over time. The flexibility will remain through the lifetime of the assets taking up vibrations and impact loads without cracking.


Ultra-slim and modular. The combination of X3M mat and Favuseal Wrap-On can cater for all classes not limited to fire and/or thermal classes.

Our Value System.

Disrupting the Fire Protection Industry

Favuseal aspires to be a respectable, trustworthy, and honest business partner.


Our mission is to surpass client expectations regarding quality, safety, affordability, delivery, value, and sustainability with integrity.


We strive to treat partners and everyone associated with Favuseal with the utmost respect. We are forging relationships based on mutual interest.


We maintain leading standards of safety and security consciousness, personal discipline, and individual accountability.


We achieve sustainable innovation and engineering. Our Products are non-toxic in "any state" and free of generating corrosive gases, halogens, or isocyanates, helping the world to be more sustainable for living.


Now Protecting the World from Thermal & Fire Hazards
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Strong Values, Strong Culture, Strong Protection

Be Part of an Ecosystem of Technovation & Values.