Favuseal is now a NORSOK compliant fire protection technology

Engineered for the future.

Available today.

Smart ultra-slim passive fire protection (PFP) solutions.

Extremely robust Polymer-Based Fire Protection solutions (PBFP)

for oil and gas installations.

Our business focus areas include:

Why choose Favuseal

Favuseal has invested a significant amount of time and money into developing a system that is thinner than anything else in the world while being robust enough to stand the test of time. As a consequence, more and more Tier 1 oil companies and engineering companies are now tapping into products “Powered by Favuseal”.

65% thinner than any other competing fire protection technology solutions

Stable up to 1500 ˚C

for long period of time

Attested by

highly acclaimed authorities.

Our solutions have been tested by RISE/SP Fire Research (SINTEF), Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) in the USA, EFECTIS in France and HSL in the UK. All fire tests

have been witnessed by DNV GL and Lloyds.

Favuseal News

Favuseal of Norway has developed a breakthrough, non-toxic, flexible polymer-based technology that can withstand extreme temperatures, without loss of crucial fire protection properties. The technology is aimed at securi...

The Favuseal X3M system, being only 25mm thick, is the first system to include both extreme fire protection and thermal protection in one neat solution.

Favuseal has analysed the world’s most violent fires through time and developed solutions to protect cables, steel and plastic pipes (GRE/GRP).

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