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We are Protectors.

The home of Polymer-Based TOTAL DESIGN INTEGRITY concepts and ultra-slim NORSOK-compliant thermal and fire protection solutions in the Energy and Renewable sector.

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polymer based pipe protection man in green protective suit and gloves in a factory with pipework
thermal fire protection from favuseal with fire blowing onto a pipe being protected

Our Vision.

Reduce the cost of high-performance thermal and passive fire protection everywhere.

We enhance the integrity and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across energy, chemical, nuclear, and selected sectors – with ultra-slim, advanced fire-protection solutions derived from NORSOK-compliant technology.

How We’re Realising
The Vision.

Introducing solutions and concepts “Powered” by Favuseal technology.

Directly and through our Tier 1 Partner-Based global rollout initiative.

powered firebox from favuseal showing fire protection box on a pipe junction and fire blowing

Why Us For Fire Safety?

Our ultra-slim, polymer-based solutions enable Total Design Integrity.

As a result, we can solve your passive fire protection issues incurred with other technologies - reducing asset management costs and complying with all health and safety aspects.

Total Fire Protection
Powered by Favuseal

total fire protection chart showing 6 reasons favuseal is great for fire protectiontotal fire protection by favuseal

Total Design Integrity.

Years of development work are summed up in 3 concepts for ultra-slim solutions.

A pioneering concept by Favuseal, Total Design Integrity is a modular system that couples individual products to yield the total integrity of the entire product ecosystem.

The technology efficiently protects industrial applications while solving common pain points with clever design. The technology will work according to Design Accidental Load (DAL) specifications.

Total Design Integrity for steel pipework
01 number in green outline
Total Design Integrity for safety critical cables
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Total Design Integrity for GRE pipework
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Innovative TECHNOLOGY.

Polymer-Based Products that Safeguard Installations
wire and cables fire protection with exposed wre and protection from favuseal

Favuseal Wrap On

A revolutionary passive fire protection concept

We extrude an extreme polymer into a thin, flexible tape or sheet, which can be wrapped or installed onto any object to provide unprecedented ultra-slim fire protection.
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wire and cables fire protection with exposed wre and protection from favuseal
gre pipework protection with favuseal protection around he pipework

Thermal Fire Protection

High-performance GRE Pipes
GRE piping needs adequate protection and is required to pass stringent regulations. For GRE pipes, Favuseal has developed ultra-thin fire protection systems.
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gre pipework protection with favuseal protection around he pipework
firebox fire prtoection from favuseal

Full Proof Protection

Out-of-the-box innovation
The Favuseal Powered Firebox is based on the Favuseal NKX-6174 technology and is an ultra-slim and snug-fit solution that provides maximum fire safety for pipe system components.
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firebox fire prtoection from favuseal
steel pipe with fire protection

The Thinnest Passive Fire Protection Technology

Favuseal Steel Protection Solution
The Favuseal steel protection solution is ultra-slim NORSOK-certified fire protection technology for use on steel objects both on and offshore (NORSOK M004).
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steel pipe with fire protection
drain plug fire protection from favuseal

Protection for Pipework and Fireboxes

Ultra-Slim Holistic Protection
Favuseal powered Drain Plug is an ultra-slim fire protection solution that allows the drainage of fluids from pipework and fireboxes.
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drain plug fire protection from favuseal

Total Safety - A 24x7 Focus.

NORSOK Vetted & Validated Solutions Ensures Ongoing Safety

Favuseal passive fire protection (PFP) solutions are modular, flexible and easy to implement to address needs. Our engineers and safety experts consistently expose our solutions to globally-recognised fire tests and standards, for ensuring benchmarked product performance.

Total Safety - two male workers at an oil refinery wearing blue protective clothing and yellow hats
research and development icon in green outline
Our R&D team helps solve issues and ensure performance through the lifetime of the asset protected regardless of specifications.
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Support from our Master Installers can provide installation courses, knowledge and product support before, during, and most importantly, after installation.

fire protection shield icon with green outline

Two endothermic reaction processes ensure bi-direction protection in case of fire. The performance of our technology will stay intact up to a minimum of 1 500 degrees Celsius.

esg green globe with green mat

ESG Aligned Roadmap.

Supporting Sustainability Goals and Industry ESG Agendas

Policy from the EU mandates the transition to an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework.

At Favuseal, we're creating better value by innovating fire protection technologies aligned with the ESG model.

earth plugged into leaves showing eco system and green credentials icon in green outline

All our solutions are engineered to the latest regulations found in the Energy market.

non toxi

Products are non-toxic and do not generate corrosive gases, halogens or isocyanates when exposed to a fire.

robot manufacturing icon in green outline

Advanced robotic manufacturing requires considerably less energy compared to production methods of competing technologies.

Our Partner Ecosystem.

Extending Our Network to Reach End-users Around the World

Favuseal has a growing partner network of suppliers and consultants to businesses in thermal, nuclear, oil & gas, and other sectors.

We work together to deliver fire protection solutions and empower our mission to improve fire safety.


Tier 1 partners globally including execution partners


Assets protected globally ... and counting!

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Success Stories.

On Our Journey So Far
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The TOTAL DESIGN INTEGRITY concept for steel pipework is significantly reducing installation time and clashes.

ISONOR Industrier
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It has been a pleasure working together with the Favuseal team jointly developing FireSys - the world´s thinnest solution for fire protection of safety critical cables

Øglænd System

Recognitions & Accreditations.

Our Proven Expertise
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Corporate Journey.

Over 15 Years of Innovating Fire Protection

Over fifteen years of passive fire protection experience and continuous innovation have carved a unique position for Favuseal. Today, we're a leading fire protection technology provider with innovative polymer products that supersede the competition. More importantly, the Favuseal methodology for deriving new certified low-cost solutions will pave the way for an industry revolution going forward.

Our journey began in
2005 headquartered
in Norway.

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Established Clients.

Blue Chip Companies Benefiting from Our Solutions

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