A company that revolutionized

fire protection.

Favuseal AS is a Norwegian technology company that is currently supplying its technology to various companies that derive new innovative products and solutions superseding those currently found in the marketplace. ​Today, Favuseal AS

concentrates all its resources on the production and marketing of fire protection products and applications based on the proprietary Favuseal technology. ​


Favuseal AS possesses considerable knowledge of engineering and problem-solving in the field of fire protection. In addition, a plethora of tests performed on products “Powered by Favuseal” give us an edge in the marketplace. Favuseal can deliver products and solutions in any quantity anywhere in the world.


Favuseal products are already everywhere

around the world

What is Favuseal and

Favuseal X3M system?

Favuseal is a pure extreme fire protection technology that, in extruded form, is referred to as Favuseal Wrap-On (Class 5). However, sometimes one needs combination classes such as fire and thermal protection (Class 45). 

The combination of Favuseal Wrap-On and X3M mat provides the thinnest fire and thermal protection available in the marketplace catering for different combination classes.

Favuseal Wrap-On products utilize the Favuseal NKX-6174 technology. It is an EVA based polymer-based fire protection material that incorporates two strongly endothermic reaction processes. In short, it transforms itself away from being a flexible polymer in to ​being a microporous ceramic state.

Favuseal Wrap-On

It is Favuseal NKX-6174 extruded into a very thin flexible tape or sheet that can be wrapped onto any object in order to provide unprecedented fire protection. When exposed to a fire, the Favuseal Wrap-On moves away from being a flexible polymer into being a microporous ceramic state with extremely low thermal conductivity. The reacted ceramic state is stable up to a minimum of 1,500˚C. All solutions developed by Favuseal are non-expanding. If it fits it will work, and you do not need to engineer in for extreme expansion as is the case with competing technologies such as epoxy-based intumescent paint expanding 500-900% from its original thickness.

The X3M Mat

A super-insulation mat.

A thin flexible super-insulating mat with extreme thermal properties and very low thermal conductivity. It is easy to cut and install. It does not contain any ceramic/AES fibres and is produced from 100% inorganic robust material.

Benefits of using

Favuseal X3M technology



Favuseal X3M is the thinnest system in the world that complies with IMO A.753 (18), L2 standards — it passed the 30-minute fire endurance test in dry conditions and a rigorous water pressure test at 16 bars with

no leakage.


By working together with some of the largest suppliers to the oil and gas market, we are paving the way for our vision of "Reducing the cost of ‘green’ high performance

thermal and passive fire

protection everywhere!".



The Favuseal X3M system is in use in some of the harshest environments in the world. The system is easy to install, remove and re-install. It is also extremely easy to perform maintenance if needed. Favuseal Wrap-On and the X3M mat are flexible products that can be easily cut with a standard cutting tool

into any required shape.


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