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Support & Trainining.

We provide support and training to our partners and customers worldwide.

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total design integrity fire protection training

Know-how and especially know-why is important when dealing with fire protection. An installation is not stronger than the weakest link, and in that respect, training and certification is pivotal.

To support our product portfolio, Favuseal offers various training courses and support functions. These one-day certification courses come at a cost butwill significantly speed upthe installation and reduce any wrong-doings significantly.

The training courses for cables, steel pipework, fireboxes or GRE pipework usually last a day,and is concluded with a practical exam. In case of success, the participant will end up withan interactive credit card showing which exams has been passed, and what type of course the participant has taken.

If your company is interested in becoming a certified installation company, or requires more knowledge prior to making a decision, please take the time to fill out the form found below.

Subject to your answer, appropriate Favuseal personnel will reach out to you to clarify your needs.

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