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Favuseal GRE.

High-Performance Thermal Fire Protection for GRE Pipes

Deloitte Technology
Fast 50 Company
gre thermal fire protection from favuseal with gold tipped wire

GRE piping needs protection from fires. Therefore, Favuseal has developed ultra-thin fire protection solutions especially for GRE pipes that fulfil the most rigorous industry standards for various fire classes.

It uses the Favuseal X3M system, a completely dry system and does not require any solvents, electricity, or any tedious curing processes and thus significantly contributes to lowering the overall cost of the installed solution compared to other competing systems.

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gre wire with fire protection wrapped on

for GRE piping.

Extreme Protection with Extreme Precision

The FFBS X3M system consists of two main elements — Favuseal Wrap-On and the Favuseal X3M mat.

Our FFBS X3M system has been developed to protect glass-reinforced plastic/epoxy (GRP/GRE) piping in the offshore industry. It meets the high standards for fire classes defined by IMO, such as jet fires according to ISO-22899-1 (250-300 kW/m2) or hydrocarbon fire according to EN-1363-2 or UL-1709 fire curve (200 kW/m2), namely IMO L2 and L2W, or any modified L3 or standard L3 requirements.

Favuseal Wrap-On

Favuseal NKX-6174 is a thermoplastic compound containing inorganic fillers composed of an ethylene copolymer. It is exceedingly flexible, and when extruded, allowing for simple wrapping onto pipe designs or delivery of pre-fabricated spools to various destinations from installation sites around the world.

favuseal wrap on fire protection
x3m mat fire protection

Favuseal X3M Mat (400 series)

The Favuseal X3M series super insulation mat is a thin, flexible, easy-to-cut super insulation and cost-effective mat that outperforms traditional fiber-based insulation materials. At the same time, it avoids the health risks associated with them. In addition, it addresses the shortcomings of other aerogel mats.

Its applications stand for:

  • Super insulation thermal properties applied to steel or GRE pipework or in fireboxes
  • Thermal hydrophobic barrier used on a stand-alone basis or together with Favuseal Wrap-On for combination classes

Advanced Features & Benefits.

Making Favuseal GRE the World's Choice for Protection

Favuseal Wrap-On tape increases impact tolerances of GRE pipework
Easily removable and reusable --> It is flexible modular system
Doesn't take up water and sustains constant weight
Reduced installation time with guaranteed installation quality & thickness
The density of Favuseal Wrap-On enables high sound reduction
Low maintenance and easy repair reduces the Total Cost of Ownership
Enables thinner and more optimized piping design with less clashes
The only system in the world to pass IMO a.753 (18) L2 and L2W with a thickness below 30mm
Enable World-Class Protection Applied to GRE Pipework.