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Favuseal of Norway has developed a breakthrough, non-toxic, flexible polymer-based technology that can withstand extreme temperatures, without loss of crucial fire protection properties. The technology is aimed at securing against the fiercest hydrocarbon fires, jet fires, and even high heat flux jet fires.

Last year, this ground-breaking technology was transformed into a product that became available to the market place for upgrading the fire performance of pre-installed cables to now extreme levels. We call it Favuseal Wrap-On:Cable.

Favueal Wrap-On Solution

The technologies in use today are "sprayable intumescent coating" solutions. However, they do not withstand hydrocarbon fires very well. Moreover, the expansion of such products is often extreme. An expansion rate between 1,000% to 2,000% from its original state is not uncommon. The problem with such radical expansion is that the char build-up of finished reacted paint is highly fragile. If such paints are not allowed to expand freely, or any external impact loads are present during the fire, current technologies will simply not deliver as promised. The latter is a risk often ignored.

In order to address the shortcomings of existing technologies, Favuseal has developed a simple Wrap-On solution in order to maintain the integrity of cables, regardless of fire scenario. There is always a risk of ampacity changes when applying a top layer to cables. This has been resolved by allowing heat to be transferred through the Favuseal Wrap-On layer during normal operations, reducing the need for de-rating calculations.

The Favuseal Wrap-On product is delivered as a simple and ready-to-use passive fire protection on a roll and a special purpose textile. The installation is finished by wrapping adhesive tape for weather protection. The product is flexible, and it can be wrapped around a single cable or bundled cables.

New Standard for Hydrocarbon Fire Class

In 2016 the NEK committee launched NEK-TS-606:2016. This new standard included two new important revisions. For the first time, the committee recognized the growing calls from the oil and gas industry to introduce a separate hydrocarbon fire class, according to fire curve EN-1363-2, as well as a jet fire class tested under ISO-22899-1. As a result, the compliance requirements introduced were in-line with the needs found in the oil and gas industry. This was a bold step forward towards greater integrity and safer installations.

Why Choose Favuseal Wrap-On?

There are simply too many installations today, globally, that are not prepared and vulnerable to hydrocarbon or jet fires. Something needed to be done. Favuseal stepped in to create a product that easily wraps around cables; instantly upgrading their fire performance and removing the inherent risk of non-compliance.

Automatic shut-down valves as well as more advanced solutions are useful in order to mitigate the risk in case of a fire. However, all such products rely on power supply in order to function.

In the broader sense, upgrading the fire performance of cables may also have a positive impact on the perceived insurance risk of such installations.

By using the Favuseal Wrap-On: Cable product, asset owners will also inherently prolong the life expectancy of already installed cables in day to day operation.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can improve and safeguard your existing cables by incorporating the Favuseal Wrap-On: Cable product.

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