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Favuseal, an advanced Polymer-Based Fire Protection (PBFP) provider

The Favuseal X3M system, being only 25mm thick, is the first system to include both extreme fire protection and thermal protection in one neat solution. This opens up for the use of GRE piping in very cold climates, whereas fire protection is included as an added benefit. In addition, the Favuseal X3M system is non-toxic “in every state” and adds a number of benefits when used on GRP/GRE piping. The vision of Favuseal AS is to make producers of GRP/GRE piping assume the whole integrity responsibility of a pipe design for use on oil- and gas installations. This will make the work of engineering companies easier. We firmly believe that the future lies in supplying ready-made designs, supports, anchors, fire boxes & pipe penetration solutions all “powered” by Favuseal technology…

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