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Favuseal Drain Plug

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Favuseal Powered Drain Plug is an ultraslim and effective solution that allows any fluid to be drained out from pipework and fireboxes.​ The certified Favuseal  Drain Plug is made of solid moulded stainless steel containing an expanding seal gasket inside. The drain plug can be mounted in various types of piping systems and on fireboxes. It does not need a nut/washer inside. It is simply installed via 4  pop rivets on the outside of the metal cladding.

In order to ensure life expectancy, the Favuseal Drain Plug is made of 100% moulded AISI 316 steel, with no welding. This removes the risk of slit corrosion in the seams of competing welded solutions

The Favuseal Drain Plug has been successfully tested to meet the highest NORSOK standards. In addition to various explosion tests, it is certified in jet fire, High Heat flux jet fire,  and hydrocarbon pool fire scenarios.

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