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What is Favuseal X3M System?

Favuseal X3M is a unique fire and thermal protection system for GRP piping and other GRP installations. The Favuseal X3M system consist of two major components: the Favuseal X3M mat and the Favuseal NKX-6174. Favuseal X3M mat is an insulation mat with very low lambda values. Favuseal NKX-6174 is a polymer based thermoplastic material which incorporates two strongly endothermic reaction processes. The combination of these two products yields unprecedented properties and attributes, which are highly sought after within the market.

Favuseal X3M system was developed in conjunction with global on and offshore companies in order to yield a thinner, safer and more optimal fire protection for GRP installations. The outer protection sealing of the installation is dependent upon the fire classification to be achieved. The Favuseal X3M system properties have been tested by SP Fire Research (SINTEF), SWRI, Health & Safety Laboratory, UK, and witnessed by DNV GL and Lloyds. The finished products derived from the Favuseal X3M platform adhere to the world’s most demanding fire classes, like jet fires and hydrocarbon fires, and have passed explosion testing, including 1 bar.

Our goal is to supply a fire and thermal system that will provide ongoing protection of personnel and commercial assets for GRP/GRE installations worldwide.

None of the components of the Fatvuseal X3M system contain ceramic fibres, AES fibres or other known harmful reactants such as boric acid. In addition, the Favuseal X3M system is halogen free and does not generate any corrosive gasses, nor will it generate isocyanates in the event of a fire. Even at temperatures above 1.500 C°, no toxic gasses are released. The smoke produced during a fire is minimal and hardly visible in comparison with e.g. intumescent paint. The toxicity index of the Favuseal X3M system is so low that it is hardly measurable, thereby greatly increasing safety for personnel in case of a fire.

Favuseal X3M is the thinnest system in the world that complies with IMO A.753 (18), L2 standards — passed the 30-minute fire endurance test in dry conditions and a rigorous water pressure test at 16 bars with no leakage.

The Favuseal X3M system is extremely thin and doesn’t require much space to expand in the event of a fire, which simplifies the engineering phase considerably. Unlike other systems, Favuseal X3M can be used in very thight spaces where space constraints are a concern. In addition to fire properties, the Favuseal X3M system has extremely effective inherent thermal properties, consequently, there is no need to install additional thermal protection to protect the GRE piping from in the event of a fire or if installed in extremely cold climates.

By working together with some of the largest suppliers to the oil and gas market, we are paving the way for our vision of ”Reducing the cost of ‘green’ high performance thermal and passive fire protection – Everywhere!”

Cost effective Thermal System

The Favuseal X3M system is the result of our long-term commitment to research and development. In partnership with global GRE suppliers to the oil and gas industry, Favuseal AS has developed a system that will be pre-installed onto GRE piping, removing the need for a large installation ‘in situ’. Only the joints for the spools and flanges need to be dealt with on site, thereby, significantly reducing the overall cost per square metre for the end customer.

For instance, the Favuseal X3M system is the only commercially available system to adhere to the stringent requirements defined in IMO A.753 (18), L2 with a thickness below 25mm. The Favuseal X3M system is based upon Favuseal NKX-6174 and Favuseal X3M mat. These two components can be combined in different thicknesses in order to yield protection that adheres to a specified fire class. The system is highly modular and can be constructed to yield any protection necessary for GRE piping. Our mission has been to create the thinnest systems available in the world customised to each different fire class.

Installation & Maintenance

Favuseal X3M system is in use in some of the harshest environments in the world. The system is easy to install, remove, re-install, and it is extremely easy to perform maintenance, if needed. Favuseal NKX-6174 and Favuseal X3M mat are flexible products that can be easily cut with a sharp knife into any required shape.

Favuseal NKX-6174

A polymer-based thermoplastic compound supplied as pellets and plates which can be shaped by extrusion, compression and injection molding, and it is also available in sheets and tapes. The material is composed of ethylene copolymer and follows a 4-stage process; at 90˚ the substance softens, at 200˚ trapped water is released, at 300˚ pyrolysis occurs in the polymeric binders and at 800˚ a rigid cellular ceramic is formed which is stable up to 1,500˚C. Favuseal NKX-6174 is halgoen free, emits very little smoke and is non-corrosive and acts as a flame barrier. (Click for Favuseal NKX-6174 Specifications)

Favuseal X3M Mat

400 series super-insulation mat

A thin super-insulating mat with extreme thermal properties. It is flexible, easy to cut, and easy to install. Very low thermal conductivity. Does not contain any ceramic/AES fibres and is produced from 100% unorganic robust material (Click For A TDS Of Favuseal X3M Mat.)

Benefits of the Favuseal X3M System

There are many benefits to applying the Favuseal X3M system to a GRE pipe. We firmly believe that the Favuseal X3M system will outperform any epoxy based alternative available in the market place when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

Favuseal X3M Technology Explained

This informational promo-video from Favuseal tries to explain what happens with Favuseal technology when blasted with fire.


Main advantages of Favuseal X3M System

Favuseal X3M System Fire Class Performance

The Favuseal X3M system has been thorougly tested by some of the world´s most renowned fire laboratories such as SP Fire Research (SINTEF), SWRI, Health & Safety Laboratory, UK, DNV GL and Lloyds.